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  • Happy Customer - 'Brad Creamer' with 'Biff'
  • 'Eddie' taking it easy . . .
  • 'Dastardly Dan'
  • Build your own ventriloquist dummy!
  • 'Sparky' chilling in his easy chair
  • Cute girl 'Ember'
  • Happy Customer - Sweden
  • Another happy customer . . .
  • Spinster 'Stella'
  • Eddie to be on TV in Denmark
  • 'Fred' on the workbench
1 Happy Customer - 'Brad Creamer' with 'Biff'2 'Eddie' taking it easy . . .3 'Dastardly Dan' 4 Build your own ventriloquist dummy!5 'Sparky' chilling in his easy chair6 Cute girl 'Ember'7 Happy Customer - Sweden8 Another happy customer . . .9 Spinster 'Stella'10 Eddie to be on TV in Denmark 11 'Fred' on the workbench12

Figure Maker Mike Brose

Professional Ventriloquist Figures

What ever you like to call them (dummies, figures, or puppets), Full-Time Pro Figure Maker, Mike Brose, makes some very nice professional Ventriloquist Figures. Quality finished figures, high quality cast dummy parts, free dummy building info, and 2 Top Selling figure making books are all available on our site.

High Quality Ventriloquist Figures

Ventriloquist Dummy with Customer entertaining children

Customer Bob Issacson says: I don't know where to begin.... Sparky is perfect. Mike, I can't think of enough superlatives to describe your work. Everything, I mean , everything is done to perfection. The controls are wonderful . . .

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Latex Head Mold of Ventriloquist Figure

Figure Making

Make your own dummy? Some great links to free info on making your own ventriloquist dummies.

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Ventriloquist Figure Making Book

Books - Videos

Check out our best selling Figure Making Books by Full Time Figure Maker 'Mike Brose'.

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Silicone Juggling Balls - Rainbow of Colors

Juggling Balls

Our sister company, Prop Works, makes some of the best juggling balls around. Check 'em out!

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