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'Brose Buds' Ventriloquist Figures

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  Our 'Brose Buds' are full size professional ventriloquist figures. They are 38" tall and come standard with our high quality eyes, quality wig, moving mouth, side-to-side self-centering eyes, and 360 degree ball and socket neck movement. 

Our 'Brose Buds' line of figures are mechanically simplified versions of our standard high quality figures. They feature quality all-cord style mechanics that are both quiet, well designed and durable. The 'Brose Buds' controls are simple and easy to use. Note:  'Brose Buds' figures come undressed (they wear standard size 3T clothing).

'Brose Buds' Figures Feature:

  So our 'Brose Buds' have essentially all of the same high quality features of our standard figures with the exception of the simplified mechanics. The 'Brose Buds' figures are only $675 (base price) which makes them an exceptional value!

Our 'Brose Buds' figures are built and then posted for sale on our 'In Stock' page for immediate purchase. Click button below to see what we currently have in stock. 

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'Brose Buds' Testimonial

Ventriloquist Dummy with Customer entertaining children

Customer Bob Issacson says of his 'Brose Buds' Sparky: I don't know where to begin.... Sparky is perfect. Mike, I can't think of enough superlatives to describe your work. Everything, I mean , everything is done to perfection. The controls are wonderful . . .

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