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Ventriloquist Dummy Feet

Cast Dummy Feet with Legs

SLF-100 -  Stuffed Legs with Feet - size 3T. Includes 1 pair unfinished cast feet (not painted) with attached muslin legs & brief instructions.  
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Here are our cast ventriloquist dummy feet attached to professionally sewn legs. Includes double sewn knee joint (bends easier and more naturally) with pleats on sides for the most professional sewn legs. The feet come unpainted, but there is really very little left to do on these other than light sanding and painting.


Our cast parts are of the highest quality. Normally they will ship in 2 business days. Please be aware however, during peak times it can take 5-10 business days to complete a cast parts order.  

Int'l Orders

International orders can incur duties or brokerage charges on goods from the U.S. The duties you have to pay in some cases may be substantial. We cannot tell you in advance what these charges may be.

Cast Dummy Parts Instructions

  Free instructions on how to work with our cast dummy parts. Standard PDF files.

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Customer Built Ventriloquist Dummy Face

Customer Jeff Duckworth says: Making a ventriloquist figure using the Mike Brose 'Sparky' casting was a simple and rewarding experience. The quality and attention to detail . . .

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