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Professional Ventriloquist Figures

What ever you like to call them (ventriloquist dummies, figures, or puppets), Full-Time Pro Figure Maker, Mike Brose, makes some very nice Professional Ventriloquist Figures. These Pro Figures are of top quality and are made to last! The high quality standards put into each and every figure, and character appeal, are the reasons you rarely see them for sale on auction sites or elsewhere.  Customers hang on to them!

Click on photos below to read more about each character. There you will find pricing, and ordering information. Have questions? Email us!

High Quality Ventriloquist Figures

Customer with Ventriloquist Dummy in Fireman Outfit

Customer Al Govero says: Mike just wanted to let you know that Sparky arrived home safely about two hours ago. He is currently resting on the couch. Sparky has also upon arrival texted . . .

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