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Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Vent Figure Proportions
Where to start. Head, hands, feet and body proportions. General guidelines.
Chapter Two - Models for Figure Making
Original models for molded figures, types of clay, clay models, different types of armatures, sculpting in clay, rigid models ideas, carving wax, direct modeling, Magic Sculp.
Chapter Three - Plaster Molds
Plaster waste molds, shims for dividing model, sealing the model, splash coat, measuring and mixing plaster, succeeding coats. Parting lines, draft and undercuts (general mold making principles explained & illustrated).
Chapter Four - Latex Molds
Advantages and disadvantages, uses in figure making, open head mold, basic latexing techniques, getting the right latex, first & succeeding coats, latexing schedule, mold thickness, fiberglass mother molds, fiberglass basics, removing the mold, open mold advantages, latex slit mold, two-piece latex mold, one-piece latex mold, plaster & urethane paste mother molds.
Chapter Five - RTV Molds
Advantages and disadvantages of silicone RTV materials (and urethane rubber), uses in figure making, types of silicone, recommendations, weighing and measuring silicone, avoiding air bubbles, clay bed method, skin mold, one piece skin mold, blanket mold, thickening silicone rubber, block mold, mold forms, two piece block molds.
Chapter Six - Casting Techniques
Composition definition, challenge of making hollow parts, control stick considerations, mold preparation, epoxy putties (Magic Sculp), fiberglass mesh, mold-less castings, wood dough, paper maché, urethane resins for casting, measuring and mixing urethane, barrier coats, buttering with filled resin, urethane paste, slush casting, urethane recommendations, use of dry nitrogen, rigid urethane foam, fiberglassing with epoxy and polyester resin, absorption casting with liquid neoprene.
Chapter Seven - Mechanics and Animations
Brass rods, tubes and brass flat stock, compatible mechanics, control stick alignment, cutting out the trap door, cutting out the mouth area, making a separate mouth piece, top & sides for the mouth piece, mouth pivot and hinge principle, installing the mouth, mouth animation and controls, cord and pulley and rocker style mechanisms, lever controls for the mouth, eye mechanisms, eyeball pivots, eye posts, cast eyes, irises, eye mounts, eyeball synchro linkage, eye controls, rod control eye mechanism, self-centering eyes (3 methods), raising eyebrows (2 methods), eyebrow coverings, shell winkers, winker actuating mechanism. Novelty Animations: crossing eyes, flapping ears, stick-out tongue, upper lip sneer, all-direction eyes.
Chapter Eight - Painting and Body Construction
Cleaning the castings, primer paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, stippling, painting head, hands and feet, body construction and assembly, cast bodies, wood-framed body construction, cloth arms and legs, muslin, stuffing, attaching arms and legs.
Chapter Nine - Finishing Touches
Hair for your figure, mustaches, beards, eyelashes, wigs, wig fitting, attaching wig to the head, dressing your figure, shirt or jacket slit, fitting and attaching the pants and belts, socks and shoes.
Appendix A - Fitting the Mouth
Appendix B - Vacuum Chambers
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