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Here is Sparky's younger brother 'Skippy'. They are almost twins. Sparky's lower lip is furled (pouty lower lip). 'Skippy's' lower lip is not. Skippy is a bit of a Smart Aleck too, but can be quite sweet and charming when he wants to! Like his older brother, he is definitely full of personality! You can get a good idea what he will look like in action by watching his brother 'Sparky's' video below.

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Pro Ventriloquist Figure Skippy Sitting in Chair

Customer Carolyn Burns says: Skippy arrived safe and sound and he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! He is well worth the wait! He's been talking up a storm since he got here. He hasn't stopped smiling since I gave him his teddy bear . . .

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Base Price - $799
Pro Ventriloquist Figure Face
'Skippy' 38" Professional
Ventriloquist Figure Deposit* - $250 *Balance due on completion
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A non refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve a place in our schedule to build a high quality figure. The balance is due upon completion of the figure and must be paid prior to delivery.


Each figure is handmade and must meet our high quality standards. The current delivery time is 3 to 4 months from when we receive your deposit. If at all possible, we will get your figure out before then.

Int'l Orders

International orders can incur duties or brokerage charges on goods from the U.S. The duties you have to pay in some cases may be substantial. We cannot tell you in advance what these charges may be.
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'Bud' on the workbench1 'Ember' on the workbench2 Classic boy 'Fred'3 'Dan' on the workbench4 Cute little boy 'Eddie'5 'O.G. Hargrove' on the workbench6 'Sparky' relaxing7
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