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B-101 - Winker Mechanics Can Be Fun?!? - 98 pages on Shell Winkers! Perfect bound, full color, printed book.  
Price $29.95

Many figure makers are interested in learning about shell winker mechanisms. In talking to many aspiring figure makers across the country and around the world, the author has found that there are many who are VERY interested in the subject of winker mechanics. The reason is simple. They are not that easy to do!

Both those new to figure making and even many established figure makers have been afraid to try their hand at fabricating shell winker mechanics. Or they have tried it already, and have had a bad experience. They search the internet in vain for some good information on the subject. Where can one find such information?

The search is over! It's here! Now available for the first time, an in-depth instruction book specifically on winker mechanics! There are numerous, large color photos throughout the pages of this information packed volume.

This is 98 pages of in-depth information on shell winker mechanisms you can't get anywhere else! A full time professional figure maker is sharing his top shop secrets with you on this most interesting subject. You will be amazed at what is being shown in this photo packed, detail oriented book.

Winker Mechanics Can Be Fun?!?

Customer Testimonials

"I just bought the book "Winker Mechanics Can Be Fun?!?". Wow! It's the book that was missing! Congratulations, you've clarified my many doubts, and now the design and assembly of the winkers has become a breeze! Congratulations, really a complete and well done book! Thank you Mike!"
Alessio Masini - Florence, Italy

"WOW!! Way to Go!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for writing the Book Winker Mechanics! It is very helpful and practical with Basic tools I already have (except for my vice - the throat jaws are longer top to bottom than the one you have). I seemed to have had better luck with leather winkers than with shell winkers. I had purchased a dapping set (punches and block) to make my own brass eyelids. You have a much easier way of doing things. You have put together a clear path to making shell winkers; a much easier project than I have ever seen before. The price cannot be beat. Thanks so much for all the pictures and clear writing."
Les Lamborn - Grand Rapids, MI

"We just bought your book on Winkers and have to say that it is an extremely thorough composition on the subject. Kudos on a job well done."
Steve at 'The Dummy Shoppe'

"The book is GREAT with a lot of really good shop tips and procedures that actually apply beyond the winkers. Great stuff!!!"
Gary Koepke - Snellville, GA

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